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Select Honeywell Safety Training to support your company’s fall protection equipment inspection program. Let us give you the peace of mind that you are meeting and exceeding compliance, reducing your costs, increasing worker safety, and saving valuable time for your safety manager and employees. ON-SITE AT YOUR LOCATION A Honeywell qualified expert fall protection trainer can conveniently conduct your fall protection equipment inspections (up to 80 pieces per day) on-site at your location. After successful completion of the Competent Person Level Equipment Inspection , you will receive a full inventory report, and any equipment that failed the inspection will be red-tagged, documented, and removed from service.

Who is Responsible for Equipment Inspections and Where Does the Liability Stand? OSHA states in the regulations that a “Pre-use Inspection” (by the user or Authorized Person) of fall protection equipment is required before each use. The ANSI Z359 code states that a fall protection equipment inspection must be performed, at least annually, by a Competent Person. It is ultimately the employers’ responsibility to certify an employee as a Competent Person. OSHA holds the employer responsible unless, through their investigation, they are able to prove willful negligence on behalf of the user and/ or Competent Person. Let Us Do the Dirty Work! Honeywell provides fall protection equipment inspection services supporting OSHA’s mandatory pre- use inspection, ANSI's semi-annual and annual inspection guidelines, and manufacturer requirements. Through the Honeywell Safety Training division, you’ll gain access to qualified experts that can conduct the inspection on-site at your location.

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TRAIN YOUR EMPOLOYEES TO PERFORM THE INSPECTIONS If you would rather designate your own employees to conduct your companies fall protection inspections, enroll your employees into our 16-hr. Fall Protection Competent Person class, 8-hr. Equipment Inspection class, or both based on their role and responsibilities.

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SAVE ON COMBINATION PROMOTIONS If you already have a date set with Honeywell for an on-site training course, or know that you will be committing to a future on-site date, consider grouping an inspection service and save. Call or email for an inspection service combo promotion.

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